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Because money (annoyingly) affects our life whether we like it or not

Mirza & Analise's story


How do you like to help people? Do you listen to your friends' problems, comfort them, and offer advice? Maybe your full-time job is watching out for at-risk youth. Perhaps you volunteer to clean up your local park. Some of us make donations to a charity or a casserole for a family.

Mirza and Analise are passionate about helping people with their finances. Whether we like it or not, we are all affected by money. It determines what we can do, what we can't do, what we can have, and what we can't have. It has a ripple effect on our relationships and wellbeing. For playing such a vital role, personal finances are confusing and convoluted. Mirza and Analise want to help people better manage their money so they could live happier lives.

Mirza and Analise received matching watches from their mentors for achieving their business milestones!

If you haven't realized it yet, Mirza and Analise are Personal Finance Advisors. This power couple works together as a family business. They weren't always passionate about helping people with their finances. But as they became financially literate, they realized how problematic poor money management can be and how there are solutions to improve it.

Securing your money can be challenging. According to The Canadian Payroll Association, nearly half of BC employees live paycheque to paycheque despite the median income in BC is $85,850. Imagine half of the people in your life struggling to pay their bills for that month (rent/mortgage, groceries, gas, etc.) because their paycheque was delayed, or it was reduced from being sick.

Ideally, everyone should have an emergency savings fund that can pay 3-6 months of bills in the event something happens to their income.

I could also tell you that Equifax shared that an average Canadian has $23,800 in non-mortgage debt. But whatever, debt sucks, enough said. I'm not trying to give you anxiety. The point is, a lot of us struggle with our finances.

So we visit banks, and we come out feeling more confused. Sometimes we try watching YouTube videos...but you know, they're harder to pay attention to than, say, Schitt's Creek. Mirza and Analise want to explain everything to you at your speed, in a way you can understand. They take the financial education approach, so you can make the decision that's best for you.

Mirza's most memorable moment in his career was giving a $500,000 cheque to a deceased family member.

One of his clients was in his late 20's, and he wanted to purchase life insurance. His client didn't have a mortgage or kids. But that was his plan for the future. He didn't want his future family to depend on a single income or a Go Fund Me page if he died an untimely death. Besides, it's cheaper to get life insurance when you're younger. So Mirza helped him find the insurance with the best deals both in money and policy.

Sadly, his client passed away in a car accident 7 months later. The half-a-million-dollar cheque went to his brother. I'm sure after paying off debt, taxes, and funeral costs, there was plenty left over for him to share with his parents. Although the emotional burden still existed, the family avoided a financial burden on top of that.

Money (annoyingly) affects our life in almost every avenue: it contributes to our stress levels, peace of mind, enjoyment for life, and more. So Mirza and Analise help people manage debt, save funds, and invest at a good rate of return. They don't want to just help you with your personal finances. They want to help you improve your lifestyle.


To contact Mirza and Analise and learn more about this story, follow on Instagram.


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