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Welcome to The Passion Collective!

/PA-SH-EN/ (N): An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

Too many things drain the life out of us: small talk, overcrowded schedules, and of course, taxes. So instead, what if we focus on something that gives us life? 


A passion for witnessing more of these interactions and facilitating life-giving conversations is what inspired The Passion Collective. 


At The Passion Collective, we have three goals:

  1. We hope to encourage people to stop and think about what they're passionate about.

  2. We want to create a safe and inviting space where people can share their passions.

  3. We want to celebrate everyone's passions, whether they're unique or relatable.​


So let's hear it. What are you passionate about? 


Interested in learning more? Read this blog post.

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