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Designing t-shirts to solve people’s problems

Conrad's Story


When Conrad was in high school, he was known for designing swag for different teams and clubs. It started off with creating t-shirts for his friend's band. This was something they needed, so Conrad stepped in.

The word of his talent leaked throughout the school. Conrad ended up creating 30 to 40 different t-shirts for leadership classes, clubs, and more. Everyone needed t-shirts for their teams! While he enjoyed designing clothing, he was more so happy to creatively meet people's needs.

Conrad is passionate about helping people solve problems. Today, he is a freelance designer. You can approach him with abstract concepts that currently exist only in your head. Or perhaps you have a goal you want to achieve, but you can't think of the means to make it happen. Conrad will transform your thoughts into tangible solutions you can share with others. Conrad brings ideas to life.

For example, a couple of years ago, Conrad's friend, Dave, wanted to gather a group of volunteers to fix his community, the Tri-Cities, in Greater Vancouver. Dave wanted to clean parks and streets, repaint heritage buildings, and serve the neighborhood. While this was a great vision, Dave faced challenges:

  • Gathering volunteers

  • Gather volunteers with different skills

  • Gathering volunteers with different skills across the Tri-Cities

  • Gathering volunteers with different skills across the Tri-Cities and effectively serving the community

Dave had a fantastic idea, but he needed help transforming that idea into a reality. Using his design and branding skills, Conrad, with a team of other talented individuals, helped launch Love My City Week.

First, Conrad created a social media page and website. They were perfect vehicles for effectively spreading information. They shared what Love My City Week was about, different ways people can help, and how people can sign up to volunteer.

Conrad used social media to communicate with the audience on a frequent and regular basis. Meanwhile, the website housed all information about the event and allowed people to sign up on the spot. By adding relevant form fill questions, Dave collected logistical information with ease. These two online platforms allowed Dave and the team to dynamically convey and gather information.

Next, in preparing for the event, Conrad designed retractor banners and t-shirts (of course!). These branding materials promoted unity and team spirit among the volunteers. Simultaneously, the signs and swag worked as marketing materials to grab bystanders' attention and encourage them to get involved in Love My City Week.

With Conrad's solutions and help from his team, Love My City Week was prosperous and even made the news. At one park alone, they collected 40 bags of garbage. 326 tombstones were cleaned at a cemetery. Furthermore, they even established corporate sponsorship: they received generous financial donations, 300 cups of coffee, and nearly 40 hair cuts for the public. The event ended with a community festival. There was live music, bouncy castles, and a free BBQ. Love My City Week became a successful reality.

As I come to a close, it is important to notice that while Conrad is skilled in design and branding, his ultimate passion involves helping people solve problems. Of course, he loves design and branding. But more so, he enjoys using them as tools to support his core passion.

So consider taking a moment to think about what you're good at and what you delight in doing. Is there a deeper motivation that propels you towards those activities?


To contact Conrad and learn more about this story, follow @conradstel on Instagram.

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